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// Copyright (c) 2016 Paul Jolly <>, all rights reserved.
// Use of this document is governed by a license found in the LICENSE document.
// Package immutable is a helper package for the immutable data structures
// generated by
package immutable
const (
CmdImmutableGen = "immutableGen"
CmdImmutableVet = "immutableVet"
const (
// ImmTypeTmplPrefix is the prefix used to identify immutable type templates
ImmTypeTmplPrefix = "_Imm_"
// Pkg is the import path of this package
PkgImportPath = ""
// Immutable is the interface implemented by all immutable types. If Go had generics the interface would
// be defined, assuming a generic type parameter T, as follows:
// type Immutable<T> interface {
// Mutable() bool
// AsMutable() T
// AsImmutable(T) T
// WithMutable(func(T)) T
// WithImmutable(func(T)) T
// IsDeeplyNonMutable(map[interface{}]bool) bool
// }
// Because we do not have such a type parameter we can only define the Mutable() method in the interface
type Immutable interface {
Mutable() bool
IsDeeplyNonMutable(seen map[interface{}]bool) bool
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