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Old Changelog

This changelog was created when the code used to live at

2018-05-06 - newborn

  • The ability to write Render() methods with specific return types (as opposed to react.Element). This then allows us to constraint the types of children a component can accept, e.g. Ul require that its children implement RendersLi.
  • Support for data-* and aria-* attributes
  • Added the Syntax Viewer example
  • Initial cut of coreGen to automate the coding of the core elements

2017-12-08 - early Christmas present

  • Breaking change: tidy up of package; rename some elements (<hr>, <br>) for consistent naming
  • Added a basic Bootstrap-based template to reactGen
  • Basic first cut of GopherJS-version of present
  • Upgraded to pin to GopherJS for Go 1.9 support
  • Support for <table> elements
  • Use our own "version" of setState
  • React 16 bundled by default
  • Fragment support

2017-05-02 - creating gophers for fun

  • Breaking change: introduction of element types to complement component definitions. See myitcv/react#73 for more detail
  • Add various missing HTML element: <h4>, <i>, <footer>, <img>
  • Add blog examples to repo so we can be sure they compile
  • Another fun example available:

2017-05-02 - CSS, stateGen and JSX goodies

  • Initial cut of CSS support for core HTML components
  • Breaking change: refactor events to be interface based: #53
  • By kind permission of @tjholowaychuk, included a basic component-based version of his Latency Checker as an example
  • Include Github source ribbon links on all example pages for convenience
  • First cut of an global state example app that uses stateGen: #61
  • First cut of JSX-like support. All components needing constant blocks of HTML updated to use jsx.HTML, jsx.HTMLElem or jsx.Markdown (see the latency checker for example). Also includes a first cut of reactVet to ensure correct usage of #65

2017-04-19 - moved to

2017-04-13 - proper props

  • Breaking change: reimplementation of core React component props types. See description in myitcv/react#38 for more details
  • Initial cut of reactGen -init <template> to help start a new GopherJS React web app - docs updated

2017-03-27 - more power to go generate

  • Bundle React by default - more details. This enabled us to remove the dependency on NodeJS
  • Initial cut of stateGen, a go generate program that helps with the creation of state trees for GopherJS React applications - docs to follow
  • Fixed bug whereby Render was called unconditionally for state-only components when re-rendered by their parent components
  • Fixed docs around use of gopherjs serve
  • Examples now hosted via Github Pages
  • <span> and <nav> HTML elements added
  • Proper package docs so that snippets in on are sane
  • Fix .gitattributes of project for proper detection of language etc.

2017-03-15 - a spring in my step

  • Generated files now contain comments consistent with golang/go#13560 (comment)
  • Initial cut of an example component, immtodoapp.TodoApp, that uses to generate immutable data structures. Examples component also re-written to be immutable-based
  • Separated example "sites" (i.e. web apps) from the components themselves. This is now reflected in the Examples docs. Also makes it easier to copy/paste/hack any of the sites and the example components they reference.
  • Tidy up _vendor directory

2017-03-14 - spring clean

  • Code cleanup and various bug fixes
  • All the examples updated to latest best practice; updated the live examples site
  • More code-level documentation, go doc-level comment updates, docs updates (including improved instructions on getting the examples running locally)
  • Initial cut of reactGen, a go generate tool to help with component development - see Creating a GopherJS React App
  • Support for ComponentWillReceiveProps lifecycle events
  • Breaking change: synchronous SetState(...) (with respect to State()) - see Gotchas
  • Support for Equals methods on state and props types - see Gotchas

2016-10-16 - Initial Release

  • Initial cut of React bindings demonstrated via examples that mirror the React JS homepage examples
  • The beginnings of docs, some examples
  • No real code-level documentation

WIP - Next "release"

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