This repository contains the Arduino and MS Kinect codes for a six joint mimicry robot.
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ToPoGo Kinect

Mimicry Robot

Description: Control your robot, differently

The C# code tries to read the exact position of each joint using a Microsoft Kinect so that it could calculate and send our hands movements to the arduino. Commands are sent through a SerialPort communication between the computer that runs the C# program and the Arduino. The arduino code translates the commands received from its Serial Port into PWM analog voltages that would set the position of each servo motor.

Project Setup:

Materials Used

  1. Microsoft Kinect V1 x 1
  2. Servo Motors x 6
  3. Arduino Uno
  4. Cardboards
  5. Wires, glue and other misc material

Examples of common tasks


  • Say "sit down": the robot would sit down and start mimicing your hand gestures
  • Say "Follow": the robot tries to walk by following your body movements
  • Say "Shake": the robot will shake its butt ┍㋛┛
  • Say "Move": the robot moves in a random way
  • Say "Crawl": the robot would simply crawl