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Jusibe .NET Client Library

This a Rest API Client Library based on the Official API Documentation provided by Jusibe, a Nigerian SMS Service.


dotnet add package Jusibe


To use this client in a .NET Core application:

  1. First, in your appsettings.json file, create a new section for Jusibe.
"Jusibe": {
    "Key": "Your API Key here",
    "Token": "You can get both the Key and Token from your Jusibe Dashboard",
    "BaseAddress" : "Jusibe Base Address. (It's probably '')"
  1. Add this snippet to your ConfigureServices method in your Startup.cs file:
using Jusibe;

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
    // other services ommitted for brevity

And then the client can be added wherever it is needed via Dependency Injection:

public class SmsService
    private readonly IJusibeClient _jusibeClient;

    public SmsService(IJusibeClient jusibeClient)
        _jusibeClient = jusibeClient;
    // Rest of your code here...

To use this client in a .NET CLI appication:

using Jusibe;

var jusibeClient = new JusibeClient(new JusibeClientOptions
    Key = "Your Jusibe Key Here",
    Token = "Your Jusibe Token Here",
    BaseAddress = ""

What can you do with this?

With this Jusibe Client, you can ...

Send SMS

ResponseModel result = await jusibeClient.SendSms(new RequestModel() {
    From = "mykeels",
    To = "08012345678",
    Message = "Hello World"

Get SMS Credits

CreditModel result = await client.GetCredits();

Check Delivery Status

This gives you information on the delivery status of previous sent messages.

DeliveryStatusModel result = await client.GetDeliveryStatus("message_id");

Send Bulk SMS

Lets you send Bulk sms:

BulkResponseModel result = await client.SendBulkSms(new BulkRequestModel() {
    From = "mykeels",
    To = "08012345678,08012345678", // phone numbers separated by commas
    Message = "Hello World"

Check Bulk SMS Delivery Status

This gives you information on the delivery status of previous sent bulk message.

BulkStatusResponseModel result = await client.GetBulkSmsStatus("bulk_message_id");

Want to Contribute

You are free to fork this repo and make pull requests to enhance the functionalities of this library.

How you can thank us

  • Follow @mykeels on twitter
  • Star this github repo
  • Check out my other projects and see if you like them
  • Provide useful critism. I would love to hear from you, really

Thanks, Ikechi Michael I.

PS. @allengblack made some significant updates to this. Follow him on Twitter, too!


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.


A .NET Client Library for Jusibe, a Nigerian SMS Service








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