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Nexus Ruby Support

This repository contains components and Nexus plugins to enhance Nexus with Ruby support. Stay tuned!

This plugin is powered with JRuby.


mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip

after that you will find the nexus plugin in nexus-ruby-plugin/target/nexus-ruby-plugin-* and the gem with the nexus rubygems command in nexus-gem/target/nexus-*.gem.

install the nexus gem for you local ruby environment with

gem install -l nexus-gem/target/nexus-*.gem

install the nexus plugin nto your nexus server with

unzip -d $NEXUS_HOME/nexus/WEB-INF/plugin-repository/ -o nexus-ruby-plugin/target/nexus-ruby-plugin-*

nexus command

when pushing a gem to the nexus rubygems repo the first time the url of the repo and the credentials are prompted. these data will be stored in $HOME/.gemrc/nexus.

gem nexus my-1.0.gem

using nexus ruby repo

with this you can list the latest versions of the gems from the nexus rubygems repo (mind the trailing slash !!)

gem list --remote --clear-sources --source http://localhost:8081/nexus/content/rubygems/my-repo/

using nexus rubygem repo with rubygems add it as source with (mind the trailing slash !!)

gem sources --add http://localhost:8081/nexus/content/rubygems/my-repo/

now you can install the gems from that repo

gem install my

enjoy !