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"Bugger My Weather" module that uses free api for MagicMirror
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Bugger My Weather DarkSky

Same church, different pew

I wanted to take a new approach at a weather module. Until now, I had only done WWI and WWI2 but I wasn't really happy with those, although they were fun to do. This has a bit more style to it (not much) and it doesn't resemble other modules in format or appearance. I learned a couple of new things while doing it and I used what I learned in the module itself. Nothing monumental but very satisfying for me.

Good-bye bottom_bar (Well, not really)

  • This was designed for use in the bottom_bar position of your MagicMirror
  • Can share bottom bar position with newsfeed module via Hello_Lucy
  • Minutely updates for current conditions
  • Support for a host of different languages from the API
  • CSS provided for coloring and sizing. Make it your own.

Simple sound support

By default it will play rain sound when raining (when darksky data says it's raining) for one minute and then again every 5 minutes until the data changes. Same for thunder. You will have to provide the wind mp3 file and name it wind.mp3 and place it in the sounds folder of this module. You can use any mp3 files you like as long as you name them rain.mp3, thunder.mp3 and wind.mp3 and place them in the sounds folder of this module.


  • Default white

  • Colored and summary hidden

Installation and requirements

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

  • Free API key at (Required)

  • No dependencies needed! No kidding!

Config.js entry and options

disabled: false,
module: "MMM-BMW-DS",
position: "bottom_bar",               // bottom_bar is best
config: {
    apiKey: "YOUR API KEY GOES HERE", // Free API key @
    tempUnits: "F",	// MUST BE CAPITAL LETTER C or F
    css: "1", // 1=default, 2=Clean, 3=Lord of the Rings, 4=handwriting, 5=Julee, 6=Englebert, "" = returns default css
    ownTitle: "Current Conditions",   // Use your own language and statement
    playSounds: "yes", // yes = weather sounds, no = no weather sounds
    useHeader: false,               
    header: "Your header",
    maxWidth: "100%",

Language support

  • The module will read the language being used in your config file and adjust accordingly

  • Supported languages from the API

  • ar: Arabic

  • az: Azerbaijani

  • be: Belarusian

  • bg: Bulgarian

  • bs: Bosnian

  • ca: Catalan

  • cs: Czech

  • da: Danish

  • de: German

  • el: Greek

  • en: English (which is the default)

  • es: Spanish

  • et: Estonian

  • fi: Finnish

  • fr: French

  • he: Hebrew

  • hr: Croatian

  • hu: Hungarian

  • id: Indonesian

  • is: Icelandic

  • it: Italian

  • ja: Japanese

  • ka: Georgian

  • ko: Korean

  • kw: Cornish

  • nb: Norwegian Bokmål

  • nl: Dutch

  • no: Norwegian Bokmål (alias for nb)

  • pl: Polish

  • pt: Portuguese

  • ro: Romanian

  • ru: Russian

  • sk: Slovak

  • sl: Slovenian

  • sr: Serbian

  • sv: Swedish

  • tet: Tetum

  • tr: Turkish

  • uk: Ukrainian

  • x-pig-latin: Igpay Atinlay

  • zh: simplified Chinese

  • zh-tw: traditional Chinese

Thanks to "Big Salty" for suggesting a rewrite of MMM-BMW

  • The original MMM-BMW is still available. However, it requires an older WunderGround API key
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