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How to make all kinds of mixed drinks - Instructions, ingredients and images. For MagicMirror²
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A MagicMirror module that teaches you how to make all kinds of mixed drinks.

Works by default with Hello-Lucy voice enhancement!


maxWidth: 400px, colored title text. Good for left and right regions.

maxWidth: 1050px, colored title text. Increased text sizes. top/bottom_bar, upper/lower_third, middle_center.

No picture, colored title and body text. Placed under the compliments module as an example. Make it yours!


  • Completely configurable. The .css file included helps you modify size of image, text, color, any way you like it.
  • For best results in left or right regions constrain the size using maxWidth and the .css examples provided.
  • For best results in top_bar/bottom_bar/thirds increase maxWidth to stretch across your mirror and modify css.
  • Need a color chart? No problem.
  • No API key is necessary at the moment.


  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.

Add to Config.js

    module: "MMM-Cocktails",
    position: "top_left", // Editable footprint - Fits anywhere.
    config: {
        maxWidth: "400px",     // See provided .css file for full customization options
        header: "",

Config Options

Option Default Description
maxWidth 400px Constrain, or stretch across top_bar,bottom_bar, thirds.
header text I'm not a fan of headers but the option is yours.
animationSpeed 3000 The speed at which the new cocktail fades in ms.
updateInterval 10*60*1000 New drink every 10 minutes.
initialLoadDelay 1250 Module load delay in ms.
retryDelay 2500 Delay to retry fetching data.
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