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~ 1. make sessions and methods for it (kill, show)
OK 2. mbbd: add user log messages
? 3. mbbsh: capture entered commands and send it to server as user log
? 4. add session param to methods log_show and log_set_levels
? 5. add user param to log (not uid)
OK 6. add methods to add/del log levels to current
? 7. checking capabilites is too simple and heavy,
make it changing using sessions
OK 8. make chroot analog in mbbsh for command tree
9. try compile with -O2 and -O3
? 10. sessions store by user
11. realize following commands
add consumer | name
consumer mod name
consumer mod time start
consumer mod time end
drop consumer
stop consumer
show consumers
add accunit | name
consumer add accunit | consumer_name unit_name
consumer del accunit | consumer_name unit_name
accunit mod name
accunit mod time start
accunit mod time end
drop accunit
stop accunit
show accunits
consumer show accunits
accunit add ip | name [!]ip [start [end]]
accunit del ip | name [!]ip[,n]
accunit ip mod time start | name [!]ip[,n] start
accunit ip mod time end | name [!]ip[,n] end
accunit show ip entries | name
accunit show ip state | name
accunit show ip map | name
consumer show ip entries | name
consumer show ip state | name
consumer show ip map | name
consumer show ip detail entries | name
consumer show ip detail state | name
consumer show ip detail map | name
12. abstract consumer hole - for lonely accunits
13. rewrite code with new functions:
OK 14. add private log level | using self
15. listen specified threads (for logs)
16. add self-show-session
17. add output of log-trace-show more verbose as show-sessions
18. not delete sessions if they still traced
19. mbbsh: sort results
20. add session history
21. add cd -
22. add common object for dlink routins as join, detach, remove, etc
23. add regex grep'ing in show methods
24. add test id function to mbb_db_seq_nextval
25. when modify consumer time test if child's times are still ok
25. multirequest with all methods completion or by first error
26. add tasks:
task is a work continious during some time with some functions to
monitor or cancel it's state
example: stat counting, stat detail counting
show tasks
task show state | id
task cancel | id
task pause | id
task resume | id
task set callback | id executable
27. tariff ...
28. dynamic loaded modules
make referencing of using module's resources
show modules
module list
module load | name
module unload | name
module show | name
29. netflow же
30. stat viewing
31. check mbb_log's availability before registration
32. trace tasks as threads with negative id
33. netflow calcstat: check time limits for rows
34. consumer set user, consumer unset user, user show consumers and so on
35. consumer group and consumer methods for stat retrieving
36. map find unit
37. attributes for units, consumers, users etc, as var = value
38. dynamic group management
39. dynamic methods cap management
40. allowed hosts for users
41. lua or python module for interacting with mbbd
42. embedded lua interpreter in mbbd with access to mbb structures
-------------------- pinger -------------------------------------
43. interface:
pinger show active
pinger show units
pinger reload unit
pinger start/stop [unit]
pinger stat
44. auto session variables, and in modules too
45. urgent tasks:
netflow feed by mask * ok
session vars * ok
apache auth
46. IMPORTANT: session vars: check for mutex's need !!
47. auth policy: filter by hosts
48. update flag for units ~~~
PARTLY 49. debug logs for add, drop and mod
50. show session's log chans, and chan's sessions
OK 51. restrict admin permissions
OK 52. add su, reload
53. netflow shell: ls, cd, pwd
OK 54. unit map sync - rebuild local map and add to main
55. server stats: func calls, fails, logins and other info
56. mbbsh: alias, unalias, config file
57. acl?:
add group name
group add method name method
group del method name method
group show methods
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