A variety of PHP based math practice sheets for K-5+ See README for some usage examples and demo hosted URLs.
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A variety of PHP based math practice sheets for K-5+ See README for some usage examples and demo hosted URLs.


I started with operationSheet to help my daughters practice timed tests at home. I added sudokuTable and numberWords when my older daughter hit Fifth Grade.

There is no pretty UI built in at the moment that allows you to control options since I originally made these for use at home. Now that Im releasing these out on GitHub, there are plans to add some, but only as I have time.

Currently, each file has options that can be controlled by querystring variables defined below in a section for each file. The variable names are not consistent either, but bear with me as I true all that out.

NOTE There ARE bugs. There have to be. I have only been adding functionality as needed and have not had time to do ANY testing yet. Remember, the original intent was for my sole use at home for my kids. Be nice please... ;)


These are your basic practice sheets for timed tests to help increase speed and recall.

base demo URL: http://blueneedle.com/printables/operationSheets.php?



Defines the operation that will be displayed

  • plusminus - a mix of addition and subtraction together
  • divide - division
  • times - multiplication
  • minus - subtraction
  • default - addition


Defines the layout that will be used to present the sheets

  • mixed - vertical and horizontal
  • portrait - vertical
  • vertical - vertical
  • default - landscape/horizontal

mintop and minbot

Defines the minimum number for the top and bottom respectively

maxtop and maxbot

Defines the maximum number for the top and bottom respectively


  • When using layout=divide, the code normalizes the numerator so that there is no remainder. No option exists at the moment for remainder based division.

Example URLS


This is not sudkou proper, but some of the logic used to solve these is reminiscent of Sudoku strategies. The object is to fill out the mixed tables with correct answers.

base demo URL: http://blueneedle.com/printables/sudokuTable.php?



Defines the difficulty in increasing order. The harder the difficulty, the less numbers are in the table and around the edges

  • default - easy level: all outer edges, no inner numbers
  • medium - medium level: about half the outer numbers and inner numbers
  • high - high level: less outer and inner numbers
  • crazy - most diffcult: few to no outer numbers and few inner numbers


Defiens how many rows exist to make printing full page in differing browsers easier

  • default - two rows of two
  • any integer (not type tested) - 1, 2, 3, 4, etc rows of 2


This is an exercise in turning words into numbers - the convert_number_to_words function has been largely borrowed, but with logic added to allow looped calling of it.

base demo URL: http://blueneedle.com/printables/numberWords.php?



The minimum random number that can be choosen

  • default - 0
  • any integer (not type tested) - 1, 2, 3, 4, etc


The maximum random number that can be choosen

  • default - 200
  • any integer (not type tested) - 100, 250, 3000, 4500, etc


The number of rows to create in the loop - default is set to be one page in Chrome

  • default - 24
  • any integer (not type tested) - 10, 25, 30, 45, etc