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Myk OLeary

    Ruby 0 0


    Repo for exercises

    Updated Sep 3, 2014


    A variety of PHP based math practice sheets for K-5+ See README for some usage examples and demo hosted URLs.

    Updated Jan 18, 2013


    This is my repository of answers to Project Euler Problems - Good place to see coding samples across a variety of languages.

    Updated Sep 11, 2011


    A short Rails coding example for a prospective employer. The Challenge details are listed in README, along with some notes on implementation. This is just a sample and by no means complete. I could spend days or weeks improving it in various ways...

    Updated Sep 1, 2011

    JavaScript 1 0


    A Javascript Library to provide information and validity of credit card numbers

    Updated Aug 24, 2011


    lilill is a Little OS X Application that makes using menubar extras fun. It is optimized for use on laptops, especially the 12" & 13" models where menubar extra space is at a premium. We believe in using menubar extras, and are frustrated when we can't see them all due to limited horizontal screen space and overly aggressive menus in application…

    Created Aug 8, 2011

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