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IMP: Provider column added to history table and bettter column lengths
IMP: warnings/info section added to configuration page 1st tab:
 - Will indicate if current pip requirements have been met, and if unrar is able to be located (and thereby used).
 - If pip requirements not met, will indicate which module and why it wasn't met.
 - Any warnings will turn the section box red to draw attention.
 - Messages section will relay messages from a .release_messages file in the data_dir location if present
IMP: carepackage improvements:
 - added release information where git branch, commit and version will now be written
 - carepackage filename will now include the git commit and branch in the filename
 - CLI option added to maintenance mode - maintenance -care or maintenance --carepackage
 - CLI option will run outside of the GUI so that it's possible to generate a carepackage if the GUI won't start for some reason
IMP: Add CV issue link to Gotify pp notification (Android/PS client) (@scooterpsu)
IMP: Refined Mattermost Notifications - now with cover! (@Kaltenstein)
FIX:(#1201) Editing StoreDate field in series detail page would not retain value
FIX:(#1203) Carepackage would fail to generate properly outside of maintenance mode
FIX:(#1199) Annual span range showing incorrect dates when CV has no date data
FIX:(#1166) traceback error when updating series and CV is not responding
FIX:(#1181) CDH hard-coded category mapping:
 - changed comics hard-coded category check to use user-defined sabnzbd category
 - proper/better handling of no category defined for sabnzbd when using CDH and the directory option.
 - correct api call to sabnzbd for status/fullstatus endpoint dependent on sabnzbd client version
 - fixed incorrect e reference on Exception during CDH mapping (which would traceback if triggered).
FIX: duplication of downloads in history table (going forward)
FIX: cid mistakingly referenced druing series.json creation (reverted)
FIX: Account for alpha issue numbering
FIX: docker startup issues with requirements detection
FIX: pip req check would fail on docker installs and not display anything
FIX: Installation type now included in carepackage generation
FIX: Suppress unrar output during test check
FIX: Always return a value for release_messages, even if it's just empty/blank
FIX: post processor notification inclusion (missing some mattermost & gotify notif checks during post-processing)

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Mylar Logo Mylar3

Mylar is an automated Comic Book (cbr/cbz) downloader program for use with NZB and torrents.

Mylar allows you to create a watchlist of series that it monitors for various things (new issues, updated information, etc). It will grab, sort, and rename downloaded issues. It will also allow you to monitor weekly pull-lists for items belonging to said watchlisted series to download, as well as being able to monitor and maintain story-arcs.

Getting Started

Support & Discussion

Please try to limit Github issues to bugs & enhancement requests ONLY

Live Support / Conversation


  • Abliity to be run on various OS' (windows, linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi, etc)
  • Support for SABnzbd, NZBGet and various torrent clients (as well as Blackhole)
  • Multiple newznabs support, as well including a raw indexer and direct download being available
  • Ability to see upcoming new releases for a particular week and take action on them if required
  • View pullists up to 4 weeks in advance, or several months prior
  • TPB's and GN's are both supported as far as monitoring and post-processing (not import atm)
  • Can scan your existing library and download any missing issues
  • Failed download handling will download a new issue if one fails
  • Configurable file and folder renaming
  • Metatagging of issues via modified version of the awesome ComicTagger
  • Will automatically meta-tag downloaded issues either during (post-processing) or after (manual post-processing)
  • Generation of series.json files which contain series information for 3rd party applications
  • Notification on snatches / downloads using various notif applications
  • Ability to track story arc issues belonging to specific arcs, as well as various options pertaining to the arc



If you wish to help out, please see the wiki: contributing

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute - whether by code, assisting others or financial donations.
To all those who have contributed, we thank you for your support.