To declare your income in Greek authorities if you are resident in Zurich.
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To declare your income in Greek authorities if you are resident in Zurich.

Document from the Greek Consulate in Zurich indicating that you have a permanent residence in Zurich

Send a physical mail to their address having enclosed:

  1. A copy of your id card.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. A copy of the residence permit.
  4. A letter explaining that you need the certificate for tax reasons and include your email address.

Address: Greek Consulate General Bellerivestrasse 67 8034 Zurich Switzerland

They will inform you to pay back 31 francs: Swiss Post, Postfinance, CH-3030 Bern

Acc. Nr.: 87-118601–4 IBAN: CH56 0900 0000 8711 8601 4 Swift/BIC: POFICHBE In favour of: Griechisches Generalkonsulat 8034 Zurich SWITZERLAND

Fill out this document: and this one:

Go to: Cantonal Tax Office, Bandliweg 21

To document tou gsis exei ena antigrafo gia elbetia k ena gia ellada. Esu stelneis k ta duo sto taxation service sti zurich kai autoi sou epistrefoun to elliniko k kratane to allo (prepei na pareis kana til na tous rwtiseis an mporeis na to kaneis mesw post i prepei na pas apo ekei).

Oson afora ti glwssa einai agglika KAI OXI ellinika.

Date of Power of Attorney: einai to pote ekanes to plirexousio gia na oriseis ton antiprwsopo sou stin ellada. Auto to atomo einai upeu8uno gia ola oxi mono eforia. Apla gia tin eforia legetai antiklitos. Prepei na xeis orisei episima ton antiproswpo sou.

You need a certified copy of your contract(s)

Gessnerallee 50 (notary, 1st floor). 20 CHF per document

You need the Apostille stamp on your certified documents

Neumühlequai 8, Parterre. 30 CHF per stamp

You have to define your procedural representative in Greece (αντίκλητος).