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Dec 11, 2008

  1. Reinier Balt

    set version to 1.7RC

    lrbalt authored

Dec 09, 2008

  1. Reinier Balt

    update documentation for 1.7rc release

    lrbalt authored

Jul 19, 2008

  1. Reinier Balt

    add recurring todos to tracks

    lrbalt authored

Jun 15, 2008

  1. bsag

    Merge branch 'svn-tracking'

    Up to r881 of svn repository
    * svn-tracking: (22 commits)
      Added .gitconfig
      Added yaml_db plugin:
      applied patch from Eric from #732
      fixes #730 restores ability to delete user from user management page
      fixes #724 where editing todos truncates the project name of the todo when the project name contains quotes (")
      Applied patch from Eric Pallen whcih automatically converts url's to links. Thanks Eric!
      explain that yaml cannot yet be used for backup as importing is not implemented yet. from mailinglist.
      hopefully fixes #727.Changes the check on running animation to finished animation
      regenerate compressed js and cleanup whitespace
      turns out that getElementsByClassName is removed from prototype and it therfore falls back to the function of the browser which has different semantics. Found here
      forgot to create a new compressed js from the previous js changes
      in the stats page you can downdrill to see the active todos in a certain week from the running time charts. This patch adds the option to see all active todos from the selected week and older.
      fix #727. Adds a check to prevent expand/collapse while a previous expand/collaps is still animating
      fixed small problem where updating a todo from mobile resulted in an error becase source_view was nil
      fixes #726. Thanks Eric Pallen for the fix. The mobile view showed active todos from completed projects while the home page does not.
      merges changes from tracks1.6 to trunk
      prepares trunk for 1.6 release
      fixes #713. Adds behavior for edit/star/delete/check buttons of todo even if there is no todo to show. This makes sure that the behaviors are present when you add a new todo through AJAX.
      fixes #718. The link included the number of actions which resulted from last commit
      removed some more whitespace to reduce the download of the mobile view.
    bsag authored

May 20, 2008

  1. bsag

    Added links to Lighthouse and GitHub pages to README.

    Testing Lighthouse/GitHub integration.
    bsag authored
  2. bsag

    Renamed README_FIRST to README for compatibility with GitHub.

    bsag authored
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