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Background & Reputation API

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About This Service

Only MyLife provides a platform allowing developers to verify their identities & profiles, enhance customer experiences by showing additional publicly-available background details, search inquiries and more, plus provide access to Background Management & Reputation services to drive more revenue.



Returns multiple persons matching search criteria.

GET /pdiscover.v1/psk/seek/person?[search request parameters]&access_token=[partner's access token]

All data transfers conform to HTTP/1.1, and all endpoints require HTTPS.

JSONP support

If request contains callback=[function_name] parameter, the response will be wrapped into JSONP function call: function_name(data structure).

GET /pdiscover.v1/psk/seek/person?[search request parameters]&access_token=[partner's access token]&callback=[callback function name]

Search request parameters

Only first name and last name are required. Age, location, email and phone are suggested to refine search results. Provider's account identifiers are uses for tracking purposes.

Name Description
firstName person's first name (required)
lastName person's last name (required)
age approximate age
location last known location: "city, state" combination or ZIP code)
email email address
phone 10 digits phone numbers (no dashes)
pid optional partner's account identifier for a person who is performing search (searcher). Echoed back to client in response in criteria field.
spid optional partner's account identifier for a person who have been searched (searchee). Echoed back to client in response in criteria field.
fields list of requested fields in seek result


When you query a seek endpoint it will return a default set of fields: pid, cid, firstName, lastName, score. You can specify which fields you want returned by using the fields parameter and listing each field in comma-separated list. This will override the defaults and return only the fields you specify, and the IDs (pid and cid) of the person.

Field name Description
cid and uid internal person's identifiers. cid is always returned; uid is optional
firstName First name
lastName Last name
fullName Full name
age Person's age
gender Person's gender
location 'City, state' Location
zip ZIP for location
birthday Person's birthday (if available). Formats: YYYY, MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY
thumbnail Thumbnail photo URL
score Reputation score
negativeEntries Potentially negative background report entities flags. Response will contain negativeEntries object with the following fields: boolean hasBankruptcies, boolean hasCriminalCourtRecords, boolean hasCurrentIncarceration, boolean hasForeclosures, boolean hasJudgements
seenByCount Searches for person's background reports performed by others.
exposingSitesCount Count for web sites exposing personal info.
reviewCount Count of reviews.
maritalStatus Marital status.
politicalParty Political party affiliation.
kids Kids information object: boolean hasKids, integer numKids
incomeRange Income range.
netWorthRange Net worth range.
cars Strings array of cars owned by person (make, model, year).
ethnicity Ethnicity.
religion Religion.
propertyValue Home value.

Search result data structure

The response contains the list of persons formatted using JSON.

Field name Description
requestId Unique generated request id.
criteria The original seek person criteria.
data The array of found profiles.

Requesting all available datapoints:,lastName,fullName,age,birthday,thumbnail,location,zip,score,negativeEntries,seenByCount,exposingSitesCount,kids,reviewCount&firstName=jeff&lastName=tinsley&age=44&location=los+angeles,+ca&access_token=9d9c099e-d12b-4376-9b63-f04680993e7f


      "location":"los angeles, ca",
         "fullName":"Jeffrey Tinsley",
         "location":"Los Angeles, CA",

Exact match

High confidence search. Returns a single persons matching search criteria or no results.

GET /pdiscover.v1/psk/seek/person/exactmatch?[search request parameters]&access_token=[partner's access token]

All data transfers conform to HTTP/1.1, and all endpoints require HTTPS. The request parameters and response format is the same as for multi-match search request above.

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