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Matrix <--> Murmur Bridge
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A simple Matrix to Mumble bridge. It sends messages between bridged rooms and tells you when people join / leave Murmur.


Compiling Murmur with gRPC support

Murmur is not compiled with gRPC support by default (as of 1.3.0). I have some basic notes and directions on compiling Murmur here.

Setup bridge

  1. Install

    Using npm:

    npm install --global matrix-appservice-mumble


    Download a release and build

    npm i
  2. Configure your homeserver

    1. Generate mumble-registration.yaml
    # Replace "http://localhost:port" with the address your homeserver will use to talk
    # with matrix-appservice-mumble. The port matrix-appservice-mumble uses can be set with -p.
    matrix-appservice-mumble -r -u "http://localhost:port"
    1. Copy mumble-registration.yaml to homeserver

    2. Edit homeserver.yaml

    # A list of application service config files to use
    - mumble-config.yaml
  3. Fill out mumble-config.yaml. Look at the mumble-config.yaml.example file for an example.

  4. matrix-appservice-mumble -c ./mumble-config.yaml -f ./mumble-registration.yaml


Matrix -> Murmr not working

  • Can you curl url in mumble-config.yaml from the homeserver?
    • Check firewall configuration
    • Check if matrix-appservice-mumble is running
    • Check logs
    • Check mumble-registration.yaml on both sides (should be in working directory of matrix-appservice-mumble and on homeserver)
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