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NOTE! This version has a flaw which will erroneously allow you to send to a subaddress with a payment ID. If you send funds to a subaddress with a short PID in this version, you will lose those funds, because the app was mistaking the subaddress for a normal address and the short PID for one which it should use to generate an integrated address.


What's new:

• Web wallet iTunes App banner meta
• Minor Linux support improvement

SHA256(1.0.0-rc3/MyMonero Setup ac8d1b2478608415fbd0c9bb494c48c3fcf9e57bf239324f322f16b9b8401df4

SHA256(1.0.0-rc3/MyMonero-1.0.0.dmg)= f5ad4a9000c295ff8c286ccf0f9ab7de9497a6930c96d0b371044a23a9a989e5

SHA256(v1.0.0-rc3/ 51570e9a86259ddf731b7c5f45314326310a5ccdc2cc4ab7ea96ce34796ae5bd

SHA256(1.0.0-rc3/ 56bb71dca5656413c9eb0529cca3f44eaae8e823be8f0e41bb5afa715dcda13c