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Myna for Javascript

Copyright 2012 Myna Ltd

Released under the BSD 3-clause license. See for the full text.

Myna for Javascript ("Myna JS") is a Javascript client library for the Myna A/B testing platform. It allows developers to quickly create A/B tests for rich, dynamic web applications.

Getting started

If you're new to Myna, look at our help pages for instructions on how to get started. We also have a number of demos showing common use cases.

See the project's Github wiki for a comprehensive API reference.

The latest versions of this library are hosted on our content delivery network. See our help for more information. You only need to use this Github repository if you want to contribute new features or bug fixes or build a custom version of the client.


This project is written in Coffeescript and uses the Grunt build tool. See the respective web sites for full manuals and installation instructions.

If you have Node.js and npm installed, you should be able install all the dependencies by running, from the home directory of this project:

npm install -g grunt-cli
npm install

The main command to build the library is then:


which creates dist/myna-x.y.z.js and dist/myna-x.y.z.min.js.