Prepare Brotli-compressed versions of assets to serve them with Content-Encoding: br
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brotli plugin for webpack

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This plugin compresses assets with Brotli compression algorithm using iltorb library for serving it with ngx_brotli or such.


npm install --save-dev brotli-webpack-plugin


var BrotliPlugin = require('brotli-webpack-plugin');
module.exports = {
	plugins: [
		new BrotliPlugin({
			asset: '[path].br[query]',
			test: /\.(js|css|html|svg)$/,
			threshold: 10240,
			minRatio: 0.8


  • asset: The target asset name. Defaults to '[path].br[query]'.
    • [file] is replaced with the original asset file name.
    • [fileWithoutExt] is replaced with the file name minus its extension, e.g. the style of style.css.
    • [ext] is replaced with the file name extension, e.g. the css of style.css.
    • [path] is replaced with the path of the original asset.
    • [query] is replaced with the query.
  • test: All assets matching this RegExp are processed. Defaults to every asset.
  • threshold: Only assets bigger than this size (in bytes) are processed. Defaults to 0.
  • minRatio: Only assets that compress better that this ratio are processed. Defaults to 0.8.
  • deleteOriginalAssets: remove original files that were compressed with brotli. Default: false

Optional arguments for Brotli (see iltorb doc for details):

  • mode: Default: 0,
  • quality: Default: 11,
  • lgwin: Default: 22,
  • lgblock: Default: 0,
  • size_hint: Default: 0,
  • disable_literal_context_modeling: Default: false


Heavily copy-pasted from webpack/compression-webpack-plugin by Tobias Koppers.

Licensed under MIT.