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Garmin Smart Watch with Calendar & Weather

concept teaser

  • Navigate day effortlessly: best from analog, digital and smart watch at glimpse.
  • Weather Forecast & Google Calendar events for next 24h
  • Enjoy the sun, be ready for rain, see all your meetings.
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Up to 3 activity metrics at the same time
  • Everything else is unnecessary…


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Shared as an inspiration only for your personal use

You are allowed to get an inspiration from the code, you are allowed to do your own version ONLY FOR YOUR PERSONAL use, but you are not allowed to publish or distribute any derivative work to others or to use any part of the code or design in a competing app without a written permission.

Special thanks

  • Thanks to Deniz Uğur: Thank you for finding a way how to read a Google calendar despite all the traps from both Garmin and Google
  • Thanks to Marek Drtílek: Thank you for creating CSS templates for weather forecast subscription.
  • Thanks to Diego Fernandez Bravo: Thank you for sharing your code as a base for this watch face


Garmin Smart Watch with Calendar & Weather