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Command line interface with install, update and quality of life functionality for all platform related mynewsdesk repos.


The dev computer script installs it for you but if you need to do it manually simply run:

brew install --HEAD mynewsdesk/tap/mnd


Run mnd setup to configure where you want to install the repos etc. All settings will be stored in YAML format in ~/.mnd.


To update to the latest version simply run mnd update.


Check the usage by typing mnd help

Usage: mnd COMMAND [repo1 repo2] [command-specific-options]

Type 'mnd help COMMAND' for details of each command

Available commands:
edit            Open repo source in editor
help            Helps you out!
install         Install missing repos
list            List all repos
logs            Check logs
platform        Get or set the current platform
run             Run shell commands on multi-repos
upgrade         Upgrade all or given repos

Check detail usage for one command mnd help logs:

Check logs

    mnd logs # tails all logs
    mnd logs web create # tails logs from web and create

    Note: currently, only the development.log is pulled.

Development setup

Clone the repo and run bin/setup

Then run guardian to auto-compile whenever you change any source files.

Executable will be available as bin/mnd which you can run to test your changes before publishing.

Publish a new release

Bump the version number in src/mnd/ and run bin/release

Add a repo

Add repos to the various platforms in src/mnd/

Add command

Create a new command class in the src/mnd/commands directory:

module Mnd
  class Commands::Awesome < Commands::Base
    # The summary is one short sentence, which will appear in the help page
    # The usage is the details, which will appear when running 'mnd help awesome'
    summary "An awesome command"
    usage <<-EOF
    mnd awesome # show how awesome it is

    # The command executes via the perform method
    def perform
      # Use display.[info|warn|error|debug] to display text on screen "This is an awesome command!"

Useful methods in the Mnd::Commands::Base


Get currently selected repos based on command line arguments.

For example when running, mnd logs mynewsdesk apiary then the selected_repos will be ["mynewsdesk", "apiary"].

However if no apps are specified it returns an empty array so when running mnd logs the selected_repos will be []. You might want to either display an error (return display.error "No repo specified if selected_repos.empty?") or default to use all apps (selected_repos.presence || Repo.all) in that case.


Use display to get a display to print message instead of puts everywhere. It supports color in terminal. By default:

  • default color
  • display.error: red
  • display.warn: yellow
  • display.debug: light_black

Base#run(cmd, repo = nil)

Use it to run external command.


  • cmd, String of the command you want to run
  • repo, Optional if you want to run cmd on an repo

When repo is passed, it will cd to the root of repo then run the command.