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MyNode documentation

View live docs at

Community-built documentation for MyNode - a neat way to run a Bitcoin and Lightning node, and many more related applications.

This repo uses VuePress to compile markdown files into a full documentation website.

Build the documentation locally

  1. Install dependencies: Node.js 10+, and Yarn
  1. Run the following commands:
# Clone this repo
git clone
# Navigate to MyNode Docs directory
cd mynode_docs
# Install required node modules
yarn install
# serve locally (by default on port 8080)
yarn docs:dev

How to contribute?

For the first version of documentation (due on September 30th), read the plan and comment on a suitable section-related issue from this list: Milestone 1. Follow the file structure (mentioned below) and follow the usual protocol to submit pull requests (also mentioned below under "Major Changes"). You should create draft PRs as soon as possible to show your progress and avoid any overlaps with others.

If you have never used Github, don't worry. Read this awesome article to get started and comment on a suitable issue to seek guidance.

File structure

  • All the pages are written in markdown and located in docs
  • Create an appropriate subdirectory to collect pages for the same app or section of documentation
  • Upload images (preferably PNG) in the matching subdirectory of /docs/.vuepress/public/images
  • Add images to markdown pages using either
    • HTML: <img> tag with src="/images/<SUBDIRECTORY>/<FILENAME>"
    • Markdown: ![<ALT-TEXT>](/images/<SUBDIRECTORY>/<FILENAME>)
  • Add links to the created pages on the navbar and/or sidebar by editing docs/.vuepress/config.js. Read this VuePress guide to learn more.

Minor changes

Use the Github website to suggest changes without going through the hassle of forking and cloning.

  1. Navigate to the appropriate folder
  2. Click on the relevant markdown file and click on the pencil icon on the top-left corner to edit, or add a new markdown file by clicking on "Add File" on the top-right corner
  3. Make changes using Markdown
  4. Preview changes to verify the edits and prevent unintended removals
  5. Add a meaningful commit message and optional description under "Propose changes"
  6. Click on "Propose Changes" to create a pull-request.
  7. Preview the edits and submit.

Major changes

Follow the usual route of forking and submitting PRs to suggest changes. This is the recommended method even if you have commit access.

  1. Fork this repo and clone locally
  2. Create a branch
  3. Make edits
  4. Build the documentation locally by following the steps mentioned above to verify the changes
  5. Commit and push changes
  6. Create PR


Once changes are merged into master, either directly or through a pull request, they will kick off a GitHub Action. This action will automatically build and deploy the latest changes to

The changes are automatically deployed by pushing a copy of the built files to the following repo:

Changes may take a minute or two before they are live.

Keep an eye on since some changes may cause the VuePress build process to fail. In that case, they will not be automatically published and future updates will fail as well until the error is resolved.


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