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A tool to update the IMDB ratings for Plex libraries that contain movies and use the IMDB agent
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Rating update tool for IMDB ratings in Plex libraries

A tool to update the IMDB ratings for Plex libraries that contain movies.

What does this do?

This tool could in theory break if either the Plex database schema changes or IMDB stops providing a public rating dataset! This would not be dangerous tho as it stops when something goes wrong.

The Plex IMDB agent is kind of meh... Sometimes it is not able to retrieve the ratings for newly released movies even tho it matches the IMDB ID with them. It is impossible to comfortable add the rating manually from the users perspective.

This tool allows you to update the database that stores this data with the correct IMDB ratings. It will correct outdated and missing ratings and also set a flag to display the IMDB badge next to the ratings. The source used to retrieve the ratings is the official IMDB dataset that is updated daily and free for non-commercial use. Its download and refreshment will be handled automatically by this tool.

An advantage is that it works outside Plex by manipulating the local Plex database. Thus, no metadata refresh operations have to be done within Plex. It is faster and will not lead into the unforeseen consequences that one sometimes experiences with a Plex metadata refresh (missing or changed posters if not using a custom poster).

This tool currently only works on movies and will only allow you to select libraries that use the Plex IMDB agent (because it depends on the IMDB ids). In my library with 1800 movies it transformed entries for 698 items. In case that even tho you use the IMDB agent you still have items that are TMDB matched you can run it with an TMDB API key and it will match an IMDB rating to the TMDB item (if TMDB provides an IMDB id).

Before (Not IMDB matched) After Match

These are two different movies, that why the genres changed


Docker is on dockerhub.

To run your docker:

docker pull mynttt/updatetool

# Without TMDB fallback

docker run -dit -e RUN_EVERY_N_HOURS=12 \
    -v "/mnt/data/Plex Media Server":/plexdata \
    -v "/mnt/data/imdpupdaterconfig":/config \

# With TMDB fallback

docker run -dit -e RUN_EVERY_N_HOURS=12 \
    -e TMDB_API_KEY=yourkey \
    -v "/mnt/data/Plex Media Server":/plexdata \
    -v "/mnt/data/imdpupdaterconfig":/config \


docker run -dit 
     # Invoke every 12h
    -e RUN_EVERY_N_HOURS=12 \
     # Optional parameter: will try to get an IMDB ID from TMDB matched items
    -e TMDB_API_KEY=yourkey \
     # The plex data root (that contains Plug-ins, Metadata, ...
    -v "/mnt/data/Plex Media Server":/plexdata \
     # A path where you want to store the log and state files
    -v "/mnt/data/imdpupdaterconfig":/config \

"/mnt/data/Plex Media Server" and "/mnt/data/imdpupdaterconfig" are just sample paths! Set your own paths there or it will probably not work!

On windows the \ syntax to make the command multiline will not work. You have to remove those and make the command a single line command!

Docker on UnRaid in the docker tab without commands

1.) You need the community application plugin.

2.) Apps -> Settings -> Enable additional search results from dockerHub to "Yes"

3.) Now you need to go to Apps and search for "mynttt".

4.) It will either show the UpdateTool container or nothing and allow you to display Dockerhub search results. Display them and install.

5.) Configure the paths and variables like this (with your own paths):

If you want to use TMDB fallback you will also have to add the variable TMDB_API_KEY!

If the /config folder does not exist yet in appdata unraid will create it! It is important to access logs easily!

6.) You can now start the container. If it has errors it will stop. The log in the config folder shows you what it does or why it crashed if that happens.

Technical details

This tool supplies one mode at the moment:

docker mode

Provides a watchdog that once started will run every N hours over all IMDB supported libraries.

Runtime requirements

  • Java >= 11

Created files in PWD

  • cache-tmdb2imdb.json - If TMDB fallback is enabled this file will contain the resolved TMDB <=> IMDB mappings.
  • state-imdb.json - Set of jobs that have not finished
  • xml-error-{uuid}-{library}.log - List of files that could not be updated by the XML transform step (not important tbh, plex reads from the DB)
  • updatetool.log - Log file
  • rating_set.tsv - latest IMDB rating set
  • ratingSetLastUpdate - UNIX timestamp of last rating set update


Docker mode:

In docker mode the tool will read the environment variable PLEX_DATA_DIR and optionally TMDB_API_KEY if TMDB fallback should be enabled.

It can then be invoked with:

  • no args (every 12h)
  • one arg (every n hour(s))
java -jar UpdateTool-xxx.jar imdb-docker [] | [{every_n_hour}]


# Export variables if on Linux/Mac
PLEX_DATA_DIR="/mnt/user/Plex Media Server"

# Export variables if on Windows
set PLEX_DATA_DIR=C:\User\Data\Plex Media Server

# Default start
java -jar UpdateTool-xxx.jar imdb-docker
# Run every 5 hours
java -jar UpdateTool-xxx.jar imdb-docker 5

Other stuff

Where is the data folder of the Plex Media Server located on my system?

You can either build the tool yourself using the command below in the root folder or get it here as an already packaged .jar file.

gradle build
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