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Harmony plugin for Ruby on Rails tests
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The Holy Grail of testing for front-end development; execute browser-less, console-based, javascript + DOM code right from within your Rails test suite.

HolyGrail is a Harmony plugin for Ruby on Rails.


Use the js method in your functional and integration tests to execute javascript within the context of a view (the last response body). js returns the value of the last javascript statement, cast to an equivalent ruby object.

class PeopleControllerTest < ActionController::TestCase

  test "executes simple js" do
    assert_equal 2, js('1+1')

  test "accesses the DOM" do
    get :foo
    assert_equal 'Foo', js("document.title")
    assert_equal  2,    js("document.getElementsByTagName('div').length")

Ajax requests in integration tests will be handled as expected


Install the gem

# There's a gem dependency bug in rubygems currently, so we'll have to
# install some dependencies manually. This will be fixed soon.
gem install stackdeck
gem install johnson -v "2.0.0.pre3" #exact version matters

gem install holygrail

and add it to your environment

config.gem "holygrail"


HolyGrail is based on Harmony, which in turn is a thin DSL wrapper around three amazing libs, Johnson, env.js and Envjs . The authors of those libs have been doing a huge amount of great work for quite a while, so please go recommend them on WorkingWithRails right now and/or follow them on github:

jbarnette, tenderlove, smparkes, wycats, matthewd, thatcher, jeresig

Special thanks go to smparkes for his patient help, and for providing the last puzzle pieces that made everything work together.


  • Support integration tests
  • Support Rails3


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