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Standalone redgreen eye candy for test results, ala autotest

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==== Summary

Standalone redgreen eye candy for test results, ala autotest

Adds a visual cue at the end of a test run to better visualize whether tests
passed or failed.

Red if a test failed, Green if all tests passed. Simple.

=== Install

  gem install mynyml-redgreen --source

==== Usage

  require 'redgreen'

That's all you need. Place this require in your test file (or test_helper.rb),
and run your suite.

==== Testing Framework Compatibility

  * test/unit based frameworks:
    * test/unit
    * contest
    * context
    * shoula
    * probably all others
  * minitest/unit
  * nanotest

Patches or requests for other framework adapters are very welcome
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