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@@ -42,11 +42,8 @@ The four verb methods allow you to define actions that will match a request for
the verb and route signature it defines.
The `#routes` method responds to `#match` and will return the first matching
-route (in order they were defined), and the values of the variables defined in
-the route signature if any (`:year`, `:month`, ...).
-Finally, the route returned is a simple object: for the second route in the
-example above, you get:
+route (in order they were defined). The route returned is a simple object; for
+the second route in the example above, you get:
route.verb #=> :get
route.path #=> '/archives/:year/:month/:day'
@@ -74,7 +71,7 @@ For example, the built-in SimpleEngine allows route variables and extension
handling. Others could add variable conditions (`:id => Integer`), mime-type
restrictions, etc.
-#### Engine Writers
+### Engine Writers
Engines only need to conform to a simple interface. See
lib/simple_router/engines/simple_engine.rb for details.

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