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+Small and simple standalone router, meant for use with Rack applications.
+o Familiar Sinatra-like DSL for defining actions
+o Modular architecture (see ROUTING ENGINES section)
+o No magic
+o Low level / Highly flexible
+o Simple code
+class App
+ include SimpleRouter::DSL
+ get '/' do
+ 'home'
+ end
+ get '/archives/:year/:month/:day' do |year, month, day|
+ Article.archived.find_by_date(year, month, day)
+ end
+ def call(env)
+ verb, path = ENV['REQUEST_METHOD'], ENV['PATH_INFO']
+ route, args = self.class.routes.match(verb, path)
+ route.nil? ?
+ [404, {'Content-Type' => 'text/html'}, '404 page not found'] :
+ [200, {'Content-Type' => 'text/html'},*args)]
+ end
+The SimpleRouter::DSL mixin provides 5 class methods:
+ #get, #post, #put, #delete and #routes
+The four verb methods allow you to define actions that will match a request for
+the verb and route signature it defines.
+The #routes method responds to #match and will return the first matching route
+(in order they were defined), and the values of the variables defined in the
+route signature if any (:year, :month, ...).
+Finally, the route returned is a simple object: for the second route in the
+example above:
+ route.verb = :get
+ route.path = '/archives/:year/:month/:day'
+ route.action = lambda {|year, month, day| Article.archived.find_by_date(year, month, day) }
+See examples/ directory for executable code examples.
+By design, the code is seperated in two main components:
+ o DSL for defining routes/actions and retrieving requested action block.
+ o Routing engine
+Different engines can be used by assigning them to the router:
+ SimpleRouter.engine = UltraFastEngine
+This allows, for instance, a new faster engine to be used by an app without
+changes in the top level DSL.
+Engines can also allow route definitions to include more (or less!) features.
+For example, the built-in SimpleEngine allows route variables and extention
+handling. Others could add variable conditions ( :id => Integer ), mime-type
+restrictions, etc.
+Engines only need to conform to a simple interface. See the wiki for the
+details. (TODO: add interface spec to wiki)
+MIT. See LICENSE file.

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