Fix deprecation warnings under 1.9.3 #42

wants to merge 2 commits into


None yet

Now that 1.9.3 is getting more traction, it's important to test using it.


+1 on this pull request. Just made the same changes and was going to submit request.

Yardboy commented Apr 2, 2012

+1 ditto @flurb.

wulftone commented Apr 6, 2012

+1... is watchr being maintained anymore?


+1... Is anyone watching this?



kurko commented Jun 23, 2012

I just emailed @mynyml about this. Let's wait for his response.

hacfi commented Aug 5, 2012






kurko commented Sep 19, 2012


mathias commented Feb 2, 2013



Hi, I merged this into my fork, which you can install by running "gem install observr"

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