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Helloworld with Scala using Play framework

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Scala & Play Framework playground

Very very similar to RubyOnRails but for Java (and Scala).  Here is my sample code to play around with play.

Steps to run:

1. Download PlayFramework:
2. Extract to desire location and put it on your path
3. Let Play install Scala module for you, from command line: "play install scala-0.9.1"
4. Clone this project (or download) and from command line: "play run"
5. Browse to http://localhost:9000 and enjoy.

4.1 To run unit test, start the test instead of regular run: "play test"
5.1 Browse to http://localhost:9000/@tests

Play Framework Links:

Scala Links:
A Tour of Scala Since 2.0 a very good IDE

Some thoughts:

1. Very much tied to "Anorm", SQL data access with Play.  Can we use others like Hibernate??
2. Scala Templates ( proprietary templating design
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