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== MyPaint 1.2 ==
- Implement support for "foreign" buffers in GeglSurface backend,
that is buffers which are provided though set_buffer() and may
not always have the ideal color format and tile size.
- Make sure copyright headers exists in all files
- Document the library concepts and API in the code. Import information from wiki
- Set up build of documentation. Import diagrams from doc/
- Document how install, lookup and modification of brush resources should happen
- Make sure all resources are installed to "libmypaint" (not "mypaint")
- Implement save/serialization of brushes to JSON
- Use the libmypaint load/save methods in MyPaint itself
- Allow to build minimal build with just a Makefile
Check in the generated headers on changes to avoid Python dependency.
Make json-c dependency opt-in.
Maybe include a "mypaint.c" file, which can be used to just drop code into project?
- Tests and benchmarks suite.
* Implement checks for correctness of rendering
* Benchmarks should output the results as JSON
== Later ==
- Use floats types instead of uint15/uint16
- Define that surfaces are in linear-light, not gamma-corrected.
* Update shipped brushes to be adjusted for this.
* Bump the brush version or otherwise annotate this change so that
other applications can handle them?