This is to track the progress and ideas for moving MyPaint's brushes to their own repository. Doing this will allow easier brush development and allow other developers to easily utilize them.

SCons has served its purpose, but it is increasingly not a great fit for the way MyPaint works. SCons is weird and nonstandard, and people hate it. In particular, SCons is horrid for CI environments like MSYS2 on AppVeyor. It tries to be a little too clever in those circumstances, and tries to use toolchains outside the install tree. Hilarity ensues.

This will help support the Python 3 porting project, since SCons is pretty new to that territory. Pip is the standard, and we should adopt the standard tools for Python development.

Porting to Python 3

Updated Apr 16, 2017

Thanks to our contributors, we are slowly transitioning to using Python 3. We will want to track and see how much more of the python code need to be change before we can make python 3.x a dependency.

Track Graphic Tablet Bugs

Updated Jun 30, 2017

Though the majority of the time, a graphic tablet bug is not caused by MyPaint itself, but upstream with GDK. We still should track them and follow up on them.

Setup Nightly Builds

Updated Jun 18, 2017

We probably should set up nightly builds for both Windows and Linux with our CI tools. This will help us get test builds out faster to confirm that a bug has been fixed.