@briend briend released this Feb 10, 2019

Added "fake inputs" for pressure and barrel rotation. Now you can make on-the-fly expressive adjustments to your brush even while using a mouse! Change pressure with alt+shift+(a,s) and change the "twist" with alt+shift+(d,f).

To try the barrel rotation, please try out this special brush pack to see how it works. If you have a fancy stylus like a Wacom Art Pen that supports real barrel rotation only Linux seems to have this support from the GTK libraries at the moment. Look for new preferences (in settings.json) that affect barrel rotation offsets and to disable it if necessary.

Merging layers is improved, but some work to do still for groups. If your merge a pigment layer down the result will remain as a pigment layer instead of switching to Normal additive, and vice versa.

Spectral Paint/Pigment layer and brush mode
Linear blending for non-pigment layers and brush modes
Smudge enhancements
Layer "views"
Fullscreen improvements
Python3 compatibility
Art Pen/ Barrel rotation input
Fake inputs for pressure and Barrel Rotation- use your keyboard!
A bunch of other stuff!

Please note, old files will composite layers in a linear "more physically correct" way. This might look different, better, or perhaps worse. We could add legacy modes but it is probably better to move on if possible, or render old files with an older version of MyPaint if necessary (or even Gimp/Krita).

The pigment mode is default for all brushes and new layers. If for some reason you don't like it, or it is too slow, you can slide the "Pigment" slider to off (from the tool options panel), and change the layer mode to Normal. This will go back to a linear RGB blend mode (but not non-linear like the old MyPaint).

Highly recommend my brush pack ("Dieterle", included in AppImage and Windows) to see many new features in action.

special thanks to @aferrero2707 for the appimage build setup

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@achadwick achadwick released this Jan 30, 2017 · 777 commits to master since this release

“A lucky past full of shallow cunning”

This is a maintenance release that fixes several reported bugs in stable MyPaint. The Windows builds below contain new GTK3 libraries for Windows that fix a number of issues with tablet support on that platform. Several Linux-specific bugs in MyPaint that affect newer GTK libs released with various Linux distribution updates have also been fixed.


Windows users can run the installers below. Please uninstall all old versions of MyPaint before you do this, especially if you're about to install over an existing location. You shouldn't lose your settings or scraps if your old install is normal. Use “Add or Remove Programs” to do the removal(s), and make backups of your important files if you're worried.
Alternatively, please try the standalone zipfile bundles. These need to be unpacked somewhere before they can be used, for example onto a portable USB drive, and the integration with Windows is more limited.

Users of Ubuntu or its derivatives can add the MyPaint-Testing PPA as a software repository, and they'll then receive automatic updates.

For other operating systems, please contact your friendly maintainers and ask them to make fresh builds from these sources. Thanks!

Release notes and ongoing bugs

  • 2017-01-29 Build updated to fix bug #771. Files mypaint-w*-1.2.1-20170129a-*.* replace mypaint-w*-1.2.1-1-*.* (we'll use dates for the build identifiers from now on)
  • 2017-01-29 Windows techies only: slot-in debugging libs are now available, for use with GDB and (ideally) standalone builds.
  • 2017-01-29 KNOWN BUG FIXED: Windows "w32" builds would not run on 32-bit architecture. Fixed with a fresh build (bug #771).
  • (Windows only) this build contains GTK 3.22.7, a large increment which fixes a lot of graphics tablet bugs and crashes.
  • (Windows only) we have changed the installer again (sorry!). Please use “Add and Remove Programs” to remove previously installed versions of MyPaint before installing 1.2.1. Your settings and brushes will be retained.
  • (Windows only) MyPaint no longer supports floating panel windows (too many bugs upstream, sorry). They must be docked into a sidebar at all times.
  • Removing the Favourites group makes the brush menu unusable (#706, #641)

Changes since 1.2.0-beta.1

  • Make sure layer clones get selected immediately.
  • Fix hypersensitive tab drags.
  • Fix accelerator mapping sort order.
  • Fix exceptions when loading a corrupt thumbnail during thumb updates.
  • Fix GTK removing the main canvas widget.
  • BrushManager: use UUIDs for device brush names, backwards-compatibly.
  • Fix repeated pixbuflist redraws.
  • Wayland: remove references to cursors that don't exist.
  • Windows: drop support for floating windows till upstream support's OK.
  • Windows: new installer mechanism, see the note above.
  • Windows build: now includes a debug launcher, and GTK3-Demo for testing that your tablet will work.
  • Windows build: MyPaint is now usefully pinnable to the taskbar.
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