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MyPaint v1.2.0-beta.0 (2015-07-21)

Early pre-release of MyPaint 1.2.0 for testers.

I'd really appreciate a deployment test of the Windows installers in this release. They were generated and tested under Windows 7 64-bit only, and I'd love some feedback about your testing in Windows 8 and 10. Success stories to Twitter (@MyPaintApp) please, but send failure reports with long wads of detail to the issue tracker here!

This release supports Ubuntu and its derivatives through the mypaint-testing PPA. You can find 1.2.0~beta.0 and instructions on how to subscribe to testing releases at

MyPaint v1.2.0-beta.0.73 (update 2015-07-28)

New translations, and several Windows bugfixes relating to filename handling and icons on the Win64 build.

The PPA has been updated too. Please note that Ubuntu themselves have dropped support for Utopic, so packages will no longer be updated for that Ubuntu release.