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MyPaint v1.2.0-beta.3 (2015-11-21)

Changes since v1.2.0-beta.2

Windows binaries

They're right here. Download the appropriate -setup.exe and open it in Explorer. Note that the "w32" build can be more compatible with some tablet drivers, and the "w64" one can be more compatible with other brands. If you get glitches, please try both.

Technical info: this Windows build of MyPaint 1.2.0-beta.3 is bundled with libgtk-3-0.dll 3.18.3 and libglib-2.0-0.dll

Ubuntu binaries

Available from the MyPaint-testing PPA: This build covers trusty, vivid, and wily – and xenial too if they're accepting it yet ☺

Known issues

Mostly Windows tablet woes right now.

  • Glitches aplenty for Genius/Monoprice/Ugee clone tablets.
    Some may be fixed in this beta.
  • Some combinations of hardware and Wacom tablets make drawing
    unbearably laggy on Windows.

Unfortunately the "threadfun" build I was asking people to test for the last beta hasn't worked out as well as I'd hoped. It's just not stable enough to go into master yet (sorry!), and I don't want to delay the release for a Windows-specific bug that doesn't even affect every user.