@achadwick achadwick released this Apr 2, 2016 · 29 commits to v1.2.x since this release

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MyPaint v1.2.1-beta.0 (2016-04-02)

“We Thought It Was Just Another Snake Cult”

When it's ready, MyPaint version 1.2.1 will be a minor bugfix release. This means that it fixes bugs present in v1.2.0 without adding new features. I'm hoping the beta cycle for it will be short.

Our current plan is for MyPaint's stable Windows build for 1.2.1 to contain older GTK libs than its betas, just like the 1.2.0 release. This plan may change, but people tracking MyPaint know that there been some problems with speed and responsiveness with newer GTK versions recently.

That said, this beta ships with bleeding edge packages from MSYS2, just so we can test them. The Windows beta installers below bundle Python 2.7.11, GTK 3.20.1, GdkPixbuf 2.34.0, Cairo 1.15.2,and GLib 2.48.0. Please test the installers. Who knows, the lag bug may be fixed in upstream now! 😀


  • Windows users can run the installers below.
  • Users of Ubuntu or its derivatives can add the MyPaint-Testing PPA as a software repository, and receive automatic updates.

Known issues

  • FIXED: #638 (about box escaping).
  • CONFIRMED: #636 (testing has revealed a nasty bug affecting MyPaint builds using Windows GDK 3.20.1 and 3.20.2. Thanks, @zb13y! The issue is being reported upstream)
  • UNCONFIRMED (you can help here): lots of dockpanel problems in (just?) win10: #639 #640.

Changes since 1.2.0

  • Fix failure to start under GLib 2.48.
  • Fix failure to start when config and user data dirs are missing.
  • GNOME: Update mypaint.appdata.xml.
  • Fix failure to start when no translations are present.
  • Fix pure-black being duplicated in the colour history.
  • Fix glitch stroke when Inking is exited & the default tool entered.
  • OSX: fix exception if AppKit isn't installed.
  • Fix mispositioned windows in multi-monitor setups.
  • Windows: fix inability to paste more than the 1st copied image.
  • Fix exception when pasting into a layer group.
  • Fix incorrect numeric range check on x-axis tilts.
  • Fix layers blinking when selected in layer-solo mode.