Brush Packages

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This page collects extra brush packages for MyPaint. Feel free to add yours.

Concept Design (C_D)

"Concept Design" idea comes from conceptual design, where Markers and inks are very useful. I thought that it would be fun to have something similar inside mypaint so i made them.

Extra brushes from Ramón Miranda aka TheShock. Updated 2011-09-5


Extra brushes from Ramón Miranda aka TheShock. Updated 2011-02-28 to include more of the previous brushes.


outdated version of David Revoy's Brushkit: newer V5 are bundled in Mypaint 1.0 (renamed: 'set#2')


This is Luovatone's brushset V2 with 124 brushes. It was made for the Nokia N900, but works also with other hardware. (Packaged for 0.9 by maxy.)


Kaerhon Brush Pack (previously known as Loula's brush pack). A newer version of this is included in the 1.1.1-alpha development series.


The "08" pack contains 281 old brushes that were removed or updated in the 0.9.0 release of MyPaint. If you are missing a brush, you will find it here. Or not, because there are so many of them...


Dirty Brushes set: 48 brushes that are rough, dirty, hairy...



27 various original inking brushes, antialiased.

Installing a Brush Package

Download the ZIP file. Don't extract it. In MyPaint, open the Brush menu (or right-click on the brush group labels). Choose Import brush package and select the ZIP file.

If a brush or group of the same name already exists, you will have the choice to overwrite or import with a different name.

See User Manual v0.9.0 for how to uninstall or create a brush package.