Contributing Artwork

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MyPaint's interface is graphically fairly simple, but there are tasks which need an artist's eye.

MyPaint's icons are primarily SVG symbolic icons, rendered at 16x16 pixels. For certain uses such as the toolbar, we ask for 24x24 pixel versions too. Try to be pixel-exact when designing icons, that way the icons will look good at the sizes we need.

There is an Inkscape template for icon designers, and an extraction script in the svg folder.

An interactive tutorial like Inkscape's would be wonderful!

TODO: mention screenshots, website etc.


Our standard backgrounds and brush definitions really need to be usable by anyone, for any purpose, in any artwork, without royalty payments or legal encumbrances. This means we we have particularly stringent requirements of openness for the standard MyPaint brush packs and paper textures. See the Licensing Policy in the wiki for details.

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