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Part of the MyPaint FAQ.

How do I reset all settings to the installation defaults?

MyPaint stores its settings in simple files in a settings folder, which resides in either your home directory or your user profile area.

You can reset MyPaint to its initial state by removing some or all of these files.

Either delete the entire settings folder or just the relevant file found in the settings folder. Deleting the entire folder may also remove any custom brushes, so be careful.

Settings folders

For Linux, there are a few of locations to look:

  • $HOME/.config/mypaint - main config area (newer MyPaint versions)
  • $HOME/.local/share/mypaint - data files such as brushes and backgrounds (newer MyPaint versions)
  • $HOME/.mypaint - older MyPaint versions shove everything in one folder

On Windows, look in

  • %LocalAppData%\mypaint - newer versions of MyPaint and Windows
  • C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\.mypaint - older MyPaint revisions, and older Windows

Settings files

Some of the files in the settings folder:

  • settings.json contains all the main UI settings in newer versions of MyPaint.
  • brushes/order\*.conf stores your brush groups' order.
  • settings.conf stores settings for older versions of MyPaint.
  • windowpos.conf stores window position in ancient versions of MyPaint.
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