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When I use my tablet, the cursor is trailed by a line when it's not pressed down: can I fix this?

Sometimes a tablet might be sending false pressure data from the stylus: maybe the sensor is constantly pressed a tiny amount, or there is a configuration glitch. Sometimes it helps to replace the nib of the pen with a spare one. If this doesn't work, you can fix this by adjusting the Global Pressure Mapping setting in Edit → Settings.

  • Adjust Global Pressure Mapping in Edit → Settings.
    • Click on the line to create a new node.
    • Move the node to the bottom of the coordinate system.
    • Move the node on the left-right (horizontal) axis while alternatively testing your tablet on the canvas.

Tip: If you find it hard to find the right setting, you can get the pressure values MyPaint (in version 0.9.0 and newer) sees by going to Help → Debug → Test Input Devices….

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