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Existing packaging projects

New packaging projects

Firstly, please feel free to link to your project above.

I'm happy to accept packaging/build scripts for well-known, and well-defined platform distributions like Homebrew/Fink/MacPorts on Mac, MSYS2/MSYS/Cygwin on Windows, or Fedora/Arch/BigDistrib on Linux. basically, if it has a package manager and you can write a build script or control file for it, I'm interested!

Normally, if the build script can slot into the main MyPaint project without upsetting third-party downstream builds, I'm happy to have the code reside in the mypaint/mypaint repository under a subdirectory which also contains instructions for the build. If it has more complex requirements (like our mypaint/debian one for the PPA, where the folder name would clash with official Debian builds), a separate module may be more useful.