v1.2 Brush Shortcut Keys

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Shortcuts for brush settings

Brush shortcut keys are used to quickly save and restore brush settings. You can paint with one hand and change brushes with the other, even in mid-stroke.

There are 10 slots available for brushes. By default, shortcuts are assigned to the keys 1 through 9, and to the 0 key. To save your current brush’s settings to one of these press Ctrl+<number>, for example Ctrl+9. To load stored settings back, just press the number key on its own.

The brush shortcuts you assign are saved to your personal MyPaint settings, allowing you to use them in future sessions.

By default, pressing the Q key saves your current brush’s settings to the most recently used shortcut slot.


By default, brush shortcut keys remember the colour you had active when you saved the brush. This behaviour can be turned off using the main menu: Brush → Shortcut Keys → Brush Shortcut Keys Restore Colour. This option is saved to your personal MyPaint settings.