v1.2 Ellipses and Circles

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The Ellipses tool is a geometrical tool to construct circles or ellipses. The line shape is put directly on the canvas and can't be modified afterwards (compare to Inking tool). There are different ways to choose the Ellipses tool:

  • Click on the ellipses icon in the Tool bar
  • Edit → Ellipses and Circles
  • or press O

ellipses and circles overview, icon and tool options

Control of the ellipses

  • Drawing ellipse without modifier keys:

normal ellipse dawing animated

  • Holding down Ctrl constrains the aspect ratio (how stretched-out it looks). The ellipse snaps to a perfect circle.

animation of ellipse with Ctrl

  • Holding down Shift allows you to change the angle of an ellipse.

animation of ellipse with Shift

  • When you hold down Ctrl+Shift together, the angle is constrained instead.

animation of ellipse with Ctrl+Shift

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