v1.2 Freehand Tool

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The Freehand tool - draw and write freely

The Freehand tool is the default tool to draw or write without geometric constraints. The stroke shape is put directly on the canvas and can't be modified afterwards (compare to Inking tool). There are different ways to choose the Freehand tool:

  • Click on the Freehand icon (brush) in the Toolbar
  • Select Edit → Freehand from the top menu
  • Select Edit → Current Tool → Freehand from the top menu
  • or press the shortcut key P


Using the Freehand tool

You can draw strokes with the Freehand tool by clicking on the left mouse button or putting your digital pen down on a graphics tablet. You can draw single dabs or move your tool to draw long strokes. Lift your mouse button or pen to finish the stroke. MyPaint has a smart undo function that tries to groups quick strokes and separates very long strokes. For example if you color in a big shape without pause.

Changing the appearance of the strokes

To change the appearance of the Freehand strokes pick a different brush from the brush group panels or change the brush settings. The Tool Options panel gives you quick access to common brush options.

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