v1.2 Numeric Colour values

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To enter numeric color values you can:

  • Open the Colour Details popup by double clicking on a colour swatch in the Palette panel. This will overwrite this palette swatch.
  • Open the (same) Set Current Colour popup from the Footer bar by clicking on the icon right to the Colour preview. This does not change any palette swatch, but highlights the one closest to the selected color.

v1 2-palette-color-details

  • Hue sets the position in the color spectrum.
  • Saturation adds intensity to the color.
  • Value sets the brightness of the color.
  • The Red, Green, and Blue adjusts the amount of red, green and blue on the color.
  • The Color name allows you to enter hexadecimal colors or plain English color names like 'Red', 'Orange', etc.
  • The Color picker icon allows you to pick a color from the canvas.
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