v1.2 Scratchpad Panel

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The Scratchpad panel is a versatile canvas space. For example you can...

  • mix colors on it
  • quickly paint, save and load sketches/studies
  • display reference photos
  • use it to save colour palettes
  • even use it to save brushes (that can be picked with the Pick Stroke & Layer tool)
  • share brushes and colours with coworkers for a big project
  • ...

Accessing the Scratchpad panel

  • Click the Scratchpad icon in the UI Toolbar
  • Main Menu Window → Scratchpad panel
  • Main Menu Scratchpad → Show Scratchpad panel
  • Keyboard shortcut Shift+S

A canvas on the canvas

Basically the Scratchpad is doing nothing but displaying a second file. You can draw on and navigate the scratchpad like the normal canvas. The Scratchpad panel is equipped with functions to make it's usage comfortable and easy:

  • [+] New scratchpad. The old one will be discarded without warning.
  • Open a file as a scratch. There is a dedicated folder in the user settings, but you an choose a different location from your disk
  • Save or export the scratch as file. Scratches will be auto saved to the user settings location. However there is only one autosave.ora. If you intend to keep a scratch it is recommended to save it under a new name.
  • Revert the scratchpad to the last saved state.

Project with Scratchpad

Additional options in the Scratchpad menu

Main Menu Scratchpad offers more functions that are not available in the panel itself. You can change the Scratchpad's background and manage the default Scratchpad.