v1.2 UI Toolbar

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:book: Part of the v1.2 User Manual
:link: See also: v1.2 User Interface


UI toolbar

The User Interface Toolbar is shown at the top right of the main window, and is not customizable. It allows various pieces of the user interface to be turned on and off.

Buttons and Menus

From left to right:

  • Colour Selectors Menu (Colour → <various>, or Window → Colour Adjusters) :new: Since MyPaint 1.2.0
    • The entries in this menu open different kinds of colour selector dock-panels.
    • Each dock-panel gives you a different way of changing the painting colour.
    • Main article: v1.2 Colour selectors
  • Brush Groups Menu (Brush → Brush Groups or Window → Brush Groups) :new: Since MyPaint 1.2.0
    • The entries in this menu open different brush group dock-panels.
    • Each dock-panel allows you to change the brush you paint with.
    • Main article: v1.2 Brush groups
  • Tool Options Panel (cog) (Edit → Show Tool Options Panel)
  • Layers Panel (pile of papers) (Layer → Show Layers Panel, or press L)
    • This panel shows the layers tree (layer stack) for your working document.
    • Main article: v1.2 Layers Panel
  • Scratchpad Panel (notebook) (Scratchpad → Show Scratchpad Panel, or press Shift+S)
    • This panel is a little area where you can work on thumbnail sketches, stash references, or make palettes.
    • Scratchpads can be saved and loaded independently of the main working doc.
    • Main article: v1.2 Scratchpad Panel
  • Preview Panel (camera viewfinder) (View → Preview, or press Shift+P)
    • The preview panel shows an overview of the entire document, and a viewfinder showing where you're zoomed to.
    • Main article: v1.2 Preview Panel
  • History Panel (clock) (Edit → Recent Brushes and Colours)
    • The history panel shows a short timeline of recent brushes and colours.
    • Main article: v1.2 History Panel
  • Fullscreen mode toggle (View → Fullscreen, or press F11)
    • This button makes MyPaint take up the whole screen, or gets you out of fullscreen mode when it's active.
    • Main article: v1.2 Fullscreen mode
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