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WooCommerce MyParcel BE

Welcome to the WooCommerce MyParcel BE repository on GitHub. Here you can browse the source, look at open issues and keep track of development.

This WooCommerce extension allows you to export your orders to the MyParcel BE service ( Single orders exports aswell as batch exports are possible.

Main features

  • Delivery options integrated in your checkout
  • Export your WooCommerce orders to MyParcel BE with a simple click, single orders or in batch
  • Print shipping labels directly (PDF)
  • Create multiple shipments for the same order
  • Choose your package type (Parcel, mailbox package or unpaid letter)
  • Define preset MyParcel BE shipping options (signature required, extra insurance, etc.)
  • Modify the MyParcel BE shipping options per order before exporting
  • Extra checkout fields to separate street name, house number and box number for more precise address data
  • View the status of the shipment in the order details page
  • Add track&trace link to the order confirmation email

A MyParcel BE API account is required for this plugin! You can create this in your account or contact MyParcel BE at

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