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DOPS-70: Added docs on vbox version and virtual guests

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@@ -48,6 +48,15 @@ Goals
+### Virtualbox (v4.1.12 recommended)
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andremolnar added a line comment Apr 16, 2012

Good stuff PatCon.

walkah added a line comment Apr 16, 2012

It's true v4.1.12 is really a stellar vbox release.

patcon added a line comment Apr 17, 2012
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yrassoulli added a line comment Apr 17, 2012

Testing, testing 1... 2 ... 3!

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+Also, when prompted, be sure to download and install "Oracle VM
+VirtualBox Extension Pack", which contains the correct version of the
+[Virtualbox Guest Additions][vbox-guest] package. This provides utlities
+intended to be installed on any VM running on VBox. Thankfully, we'll be
+using a [Vagrant plugin called vbguest][vagrant-vbguest], which will
+handle copying this package into any VM that is out of date.
### Xcode
### [RVM][about-rvm]
@@ -145,3 +154,5 @@ Development Tools
+ [vbox-guest]:
+ [vagrant-vbguest]:

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