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is ariadne alive?

how does it play with kalabox, drupalpro, zivtech vm, quickstart?

I saw somewhere there was an effort to combine these projects (or some of them)

whats new?



I'm not personally working with Drupal right now, so I'm not sure I'm a good stewart of the proviso project atm. @tizzo and I were actually talking about that recently.

I'm thinking it needs an extra influx of supporters to pick up steam again, but I think we'd be more than happy to provide commit access.


hi pat

yes, polyglot devops is more fun, I'm diversifying too

one of the things I wanted to do with my (our, your, theirs) vagrant drupal project is add support for node, yeoman, zsh, docker, packer, aegir, angular, knockout, etc

get off the island so to speak, or at least make a raft/bridge

as an aside, I saw you did some work with Heroku style Drupal i.e. docker 12 factor app dokku & drupal.. got picked up by kraftwagen i think, or a fork of kraftwagen

wassup with that? I've been doing some tests with (docker open paas) and was about to try and straight docker

big topics I know


That sounds cool! I'm still interesting in the 12-factor approach, but am just really out of the loop on drupal lately, but feel free to loop me into any convos. (tbh I'm mainly working on gittip in my spare time right now :)


Or hey, feel free to ping me on freenode

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