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Reorganize docs #41

patcon opened this Issue Sep 15, 2012 · 3 comments

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patcon commented Sep 15, 2012

//cc @sylus

The docs are getting a little messy and could use some love. This might involve splitting them up into separate files in a docs folder. This can tie in with #27, as we can build the site documentation using the doc file in the project itself, like what the composer project does:

On a related note, I will avoid the github wiki feature, as I don't like the idea of keeping docs in a separate repository. For one, proper docs can't be included in a PR. For another, it can lead to scattering and decay of docs in general.

patcon commented Sep 15, 2012

As @sylus brought to my attention in #21, rvm and ruby build caveats should be addressed or at the very least external resources should be pointed out.

patcon commented Sep 15, 2012

From #21

1) .rvmrc and ruby install can fail in MacOSX (even with command line tools) Not sure why but I kept getting a make compile error having to do with a readline problem and gcc (still not sure what I did to fix it lol!).

Hm. Yeah, rvm can fail in a billion different ways. I'm guessing you had it installed previously? If ruby and gems aren't compiled with the same version of xcode, then it can get wonky. Better docs could help clarify these caveats.

5) If we could discuss and have a step by step guide on how to use veewee to build custom boxes (RHEL for government) I think that also could help. I know there are some already around but perhaps more tailored to integrating with ariadne.

Hm. That's a good idea. Likely something else for the docs issue (#41). I'd like to rehash external sources as little as possible, but just some glue docs to help guide someone would be great.

  • Opscode's bento project is something worth considering. Basically a set of veewee definitions that use symlinks to make maintenance simpler. Totally neglects puppet, which I'd rather not, but dah well.
patcon commented Sep 18, 2012

Make short mention of ariadne::install_profile until fully doc'd in #28

Also explain expectation that custom stuff be stored in cookbooks-projects/ dir

@patcon patcon referenced this issue Sep 18, 2012

Quick Start Notes #20

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