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Clean up custom code in `Vagrantfile` #47

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Code Climate only evaluates proper modules and classes. The current code sucks at that. Needs to be cleaned up and moved into lib/ dir.

Original post

I'd like myself and everyone else to confront how bad my ruby can be, in the hopes that it will shame me into getting better.

Code Climate is a little like Travis CI, but for grading your coding style for each file via static analysis, and telling you when code gets better or worse with each commit

Just signed up:

Will add badge later


Rats. Apparently it only scans app/ and lib/ dirs for files to grade, so unless I convert this into a gem, no dice.

Hey @brynary, I came across you being just generally awesome in this thread: ryanb/cancan#676

Any chance that codeclimate might be getting some like .travis.yml to customize things like setting file patterns?

@patcon patcon referenced this issue from a commit
@patcon patcon Added badges to README (Code Climate [GH-47], Travis CI, Coderwall en…
…dorsements). Added blank travis file [GH-48]. Added contributor section to README.


Code Climate used to only do app/ and lib/, but now tries to find all Ruby files it doesn't think are config files or tests. The code must be defined inside classes or modules, however.

Does this get you what you need?



That's totally useful! Thanks man! Will investigate why it's not picking up the very little code that meets that criteria :)


TODO on this might as well involve removing all the hacky stuff in Vagrantfile, making it pretty, and putting it in lib/ (even if CodeClimate doesn't explicitly need it)


Sahweet. It's picking stuff up now, so more incentive to do this :)

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